मण्‍डल का यह सपना, सुन्‍दर घर हो सबका अपना


The Rajasthan Housing Board was established on 24th Feb, 1970 by promulgation of an RHB Act No. 4, of 1970 (received the assent of The Governor on the 18 th day of April, 1970) by the Government of Rajasthan as an autonomous body to provide for measures to be taken to deal with & satisfy the need of Housing accommodation in State of Rajasthan. The Board consist of a chairman, appointed by The State Government and of six non official members, nominated by The Government and official Members-Principal Secretary to Government (UDH), Secretary to Government (Finance), Chief Town Planner, Rajasthan and the Housing Commissioner of the Board.

Sh. Shrichand Kriplani, Hon'ble Minister, UDH Local Self Goverment, Hon'ble Chairman, Rajasthan Housing Board

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